Plumber Kingsgrove

Your search for superior plumbing services is over thanks to the team at The Water Whisperer. Drawing on years of firsthand and varied experience our skilled and passionate team have the ability to repair, clear, and improve your existing plumbing systems with ease and efficiency. Working across Sydney our plumbers can help Kingsgrove domestic and commercial residents enjoy their plumbing to the fullest.

Looking for a plumber in Kingsgrove? With The Water Whisperer you have a plumber near you that’s able to deliver premium local plumbing services. We offer affordable plumbers for the local Kingsgrove area, using only the latest techniques and technology in plumbing.

Much of our technology is greatly labour-saving. Many of the techniques of plumbers in days gone by are long out of date. It is possible to hire local plumbing services from licensed plumbers who won’t leave a mess, dig up your pipes (unless they absolutely must). There are a variety of non-invasive techniques available today for the plumbing industry. This means our jobs are completed more quickly and are more affordable for our customers.

The best plumbers can quickly resolve any blockages you may have, by identifying where the blockage is, and then treating the blockage at the source. The most affordable, reliable plumbers in the area are The Water Whisperer. Don’t settle for less! 

Blocked Drains Kingsgrove

Often starting off small and unnoticed, obstructions in drains can grow and grow until they completely block off pipes and drains, leading to overflowing water and damage to the actual infrastructure of the plumbing system. Using non-invasive and innovative methods and techniques we can clear blocked drains Kingsgrove residents are currently suffering from.

For a clogged drain, there is one ready solution, the stores have ample drain cleaners, and there are always the old home remedies – all those one finds when googling ‘how to unblock drains naturally’ – vinegar and baking soda together poured down your drain. But it’s important to note that these products, while clearing your drains for a while, are only temporary fixes. Customers will also find that they need to use a lot of these DIY remedies over and over again, for the same effects that a professional plumbing job can achieve in no time at all.

They also won’t properly remove the blockage – say by blasting it away with a high-pressure hose – but merely alleviate the problem temporarily. This is the case, whether your problem is a clogged bathtub or a clogged kitchen sink. That’s why, for the best blocked drain solution, one that is both simple and therefore affordable, you can call on The Water Whisperer. Our solutions won’t deteriorate your drain, they’ll make your pipes run better than ever! 

Emergency Plumber Kingsgrove

At The Water Whisperer we endeavour to improve the capabilities and condition of our customer’s pipes and drains. Our years of experience working with Sydneysiders from all walks of life has taught us that plumbing emergencies rarely happen at the most convenient time of the day or night. Always just a phone call away our emergency plumbers give Kingsgrove locals peace of mind knowing that we can come to their property at a moment’s notice. To find out more about how you can benefit from our direct services call us on 0404 345 750.

When you seek a plumber, it’s more often than not at outside of work hours. This is because there is higher usage in the household when more members of the household are at home. A lot of plumbing work is, by definition, an emergency – after all, it’s difficult to live without the essentials like running water.

Many plumbers will advertise a 24 hour emergency plumbing service. In fact, the reality is, they’re only advertising as emergency to draw in more customers. We hear many of our customers complain that their calls will go through to voicemail. For a plumber who is open now, for a true emergency plumber for Kingsgrove, you can call on The Water Whisperer. With The Water Whisperer, you’re getting emergency plumbing repairs promptly to your home, whatever the damage or repair issue.

Maybe you have a burst pipe? This is not something to treat lightly, even if it is only causing a minor leak for now. Minor damage can quickly become major. Dysfunctional pipes will place pressure on the system, often leading to damages elsewhere. For the best emergency plumber for Kingsgrove, call on The Water Whisperer. We’re the reliable emergency plumber for Kingsgrove and surrounds!   

In addition to Kingsgrove, we also provide services in Ashfield, Arncliffe, Carlton, Croydon and surrounding suburbs.


The aim of The Water Whisperer is to provide an excellent plumbing service to our clients by:

  • Bathroom, Laundry and Kitchen Renovations
  • Leaking Taps & Toilets
  • Blocked Toilets & Drains
  • Fixture Replacements
  • Unit & Townhouse Developments
  • Back-flow Prevention
  • Thermostatic Mixing Valves
  • CCTV Drain Inspections
  • High Pressure Water Jet Drain Cleaning
  • 24/7 Emergency Response
  • Rain Water Tanks
  • Hot Water Service & Change Over
  • Pre Purchase Plumbing Inspections


We offer our plumbing services to all Sans Souci and surrounding suburbs.
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