Plumber Kensington

Looking for a plumber in Kensington that can live up to their name? Look no further than The Water Whisperer! Our full suite of plumbing services and the quality of service we provide to our customers has earned us an enviable reputation as some of the best plumbers in Sydney, for both commercial and residential jobs. Whether you need emergency assistance in the middle of the night or are simply looking to upgrade your hot water system, The Water Whisperer can help.

For a plumber Kensington can trust has all the secrets of the plumbing trade, for simply the best ‘plumber in my area’, it must be the plumbing magicians at The Water Whisperer. We are a local plumber for Kensington who can deal with all your plumbing problems with intelligent solutions that make your plumbing work like magic.

If you’re wondering ‘how to find a good plumber’ in Kensington, The Water Whisperer can let you know what to look for. You want a plumber who is abreast of all the changes in the technology available to the plumbing industry, who is always updating their processes and their equipment, to make sure their processes are labour-saving. This will make them the most affordable, reliable plumbers in the Kensington area, whatever the size of the job. Don’t settle for a plumber who rests on their laurels!

Blocked Drains Kensington

Blocked drains can easily sneak up on you, accumulating into a major blockage before you even know it. This can cause overflowing sinks, showers and toilets, potentially damaging your home and costing thousands in repairs.

If you’ve googled ‘how to unblock drains naturally’, you might have discovered some DIY solutions online. These can include vinegar, baking soda, or the drain cleaners available at the local hardware store. There are many residents of Kensington and surrounding suburbs, who pour copious chemicals down their drains over the years, in an effort to unblock drains. But treating clogged drains this way can be damaging if overused, as the hardly corrosive chemicals can worsen fissures in your pipes and wear away the wipes internals. Draining chemicals are also highly toxic and therefore cumbersome to handle.

There’s a secret to a clogged kitchen sink or a clogged bathtub that many customers aren’t necessarily aware of. Just ask The Water Whisperer to whisper it in your ear – it’s water! Water combined with a high-pressure hose system is actually a plumbers’ best way to treat a blockage. We use this to treat your drainage system affordably and easily, with no damage to your pipes. There’s no point fiddling with lesser solutions – call us!

By attending to your home or business at the first sign of a blocked drain, The Water Whisperer can quickly resolve the problem and prevent it from worsening.

If your home in Kensington needs blocked drain servicing, The Water Whisperer are the team to call.

Emergency Plumber Kensington

Plumbing emergencies rarely happen at a convenient time. Instead, they are likely to strike in the middle of the night, or just before you leave the house for an important meeting. Thankfully, the team at The Water Whisperer can come to the rescue at a moment’s notice, being the leading emergency plumbers in Kensington, and prevent extensive damage to your home or business.

For a 24 hour emergency plumbing service that is truly open for all emergencies, it must be The Water Whisperer. We are not one of those 24/7 plumbers who merely advertises as being open 24/7 only to attract more customers. We are a same day plumbing service, who understands that plumbing issues often don’t strike at convenient times. In fact, emergencies are more likely to happen outside of work hours, as more people are home and putting stress on your plumbing system.

For the best emergency plumber, you can call on The Water Whisperer. We will respond promptly to your emergency and stop a minor plumbing issue from becoming a major headache. For all your emergency plumbing repairs, you can call on a plumber who is open now – The Water Whisperer.

We are well known throughout the Kensington area for being a reliable emergency plumber. So, if you’re looking for 24 hour plumbers near me’, you know who to call – The Water Whisperer.

For dependable, inexpensive and punctual plumbing services, call our helpful team today on 0404 345 750.

In addition to Kensington, we also provide services in Coogee, Kingsford, Surry Hills, Newtown and surrounding suburbs.


The aim of The Water Whisperer is to provide an excellent plumbing service to our clients by:

  • Bathroom, Laundry and Kitchen Renovations
  • Leaking Taps & Toilets
  • Blocked Toilets & Drains
  • Fixture Replacements
  • Unit & Townhouse Developments
  • Back-flow Prevention
  • Thermostatic Mixing Valves
  • CCTV Drain Inspections
  • High Pressure Water Jet Drain Cleaning
  • 24/7 Emergency Response
  • Rain Water Tanks
  • Hot Water Service & Change Over
  • Pre Purchase Plumbing Inspections


We offer our plumbing services to all Sans Souci and surrounding suburbs.
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